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When I developed the idea of formally opening a business in 1992 to supplement "serial temporary jobs" in Industrial Electronics, my Business Plan was for a Tube Audio Amplifier Service facility and for the eventual manufacture of some amplifier models I had designed.  Amptech began in 1988 as a brand name for a prototype that later evolved into five amplifier models.  The planned product line consisted of 50- and 100-watt guitar amp heads, 50- and 100-watt guitar combo amps, and a 50-watt stereo hi-fi power amplifier which were all designed around the US type 6CA7 (European type EL-34) power amplifier tube.  The first prototype didn't have a "model number' yet, and eventually was named the GH-100 after more than one design idea existed.  The five models were assigned model numbers GH-50, GH-100, GC-50, GC-100, and HF-5050 respectively in 1992.  This was, of course, just before the commercial debut of Internet technology and eventual availability of user-friendly and affordably-priced access.  The idea for AMPTECHSYSTEMS.COM was conceived in 1996, and began as an Amptech page on another domain.  The site was launched as its own domain in 2002 with much help from my late wife, Jan.  


Ever since 2002, our most-popular Service has been the Restoration of Vintage TV, Radio, Hi-Fi, and other equipment utilizing vacuum tube technology for display as fully-functional Collectibles as opposed to inanimate items of antique furniture.  Since 2002, Restoration of Vintage Television sets and our TV Parts Reproductions have been the most-popular items of our product and service line overall, outselling Restoration of Radio, Hi-Fi, and other equipment by a five-to-one ratio.  My friend, Jamie Ralston, suggested an easy-to-remember URL as a Web portal.  After trying out a few possibilities, TUBETVSHOP.COM became the URL for that portal.  


That's the History of TUBETVSHOP.COM in two short paragraphs.  Thank you for visiting this History page.            

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