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Special Cases

Special circumstances may cause higher-than-average Restoration cost for certain makes and/or models. Overall condition of certain sets may also be a factor in creating special circumstances. In such cases, however, the Estimate will always be higher than that of an average Restoration case, regardless of whether the final cost also exceeds that of a Restoration of a more routine nature. Our extensive experience allows those cases where special circumstances may apply to be identified easily by our Technical team. Such determinations are typically made during the Estimate phase of the Restoration process or even at the time of pre-Registration in cases involving certain makes & models having a history of above average Restoration difficulty. 

Special circumstances may arise due to the ultra-compact design of certain makes & models. Failure of the manufacturer to provide adequate service access for components other than tubes is quite common in ultra-compact designs, overall poor workmanship at the time of original manufacture, previous repairs performed by inexperienced personnel or to inadequate standards of quality, shipping damage, previous fire, flood or rodent damage, or other causes of poor pre-service condition of a particular set which significantly increases difficulty of providing Restoration meeting our standards of quality by any means other than devoting significantly more bench service hours to the job than a routine Restoration project would require.

Examples of Special Circumstances

  • PREDICTA ERA PHILCO:  When Philco introduced the Predicta line as well as their other late 50's product line, for some reason, they decided that there was no need to have access to the underside of the printed circuit boards.  To properly restore a Predicta*, it is necessary to remove the boards for recapping.  We have also had problems with couplates (component combinations).  These will need to be remanufactured with fresh stock.  Due to these factors, it is necessary to estimate more man hours for restoration.  For more information on Predicta era Philco, please click here.

*This applies not only to the Predicta line, but also the Miss America and Transitone series.


  • GE LOCOMOTIVE AND SIMILAR SETS.  The chassis design is cramped and very difficult to work on.  The chassis is deep, and many components may require additional disassembly of the chassis.  These are "hot chassis" sets with a B-.  We have workarounds for difficult to replace components.  We will need to estimate more time on these.  The bakelite "locomotive" sets and their wooden counterparts (like a 14T2) fit here.


  • RCA 8" PERSONAL PORTABLES. These sets are very cramped.  RCA had two versions of the chassis.  Unfortunately, SAMS only published one folder, and later a production change bulletin.  We cannot use a standard test CRT to debug due to the lower voltages.  Previous repairs can make restoration more difficult.  We need to determine which chassis version was used, and if previous repairs will be a factor in ease or difficulty of restoration.


  • Any set where the "made in" label does not read "Made in USA."  This is regardless of the brand name on the set.  An example would be a set branded "Sears", but actually made by Sanyo.  In some cases, the actual manufacturer will be listed.  Many American manufacturers outsourced production of some sets to Japanese manufacturers.  A set with a single board and compactrons will be much easier to restore than a wraparound chassis.  In some circumstances, the wiring is very disorganized and very difficult to trace.  Insulation materials have a tendency to have a lower melting point than their American counterparts, making soldering very difficult to accomplish without damaging the insulation.  In some cases, they used oddball tubes that have no American equivalent.  We will gladly evaluate a set in this case, but we will need to estimate man hours on a case by case basis.


  • Sets where rubber covered wiring was used.  Rubber insulation was notorious for drying out and flaking off.  We can either replace the wiring, or clean off the rubber and resleeve the existing wiring.  This is a time consuming process whether we resleeve or replace wiring.  Failure to correct this problem will result in an unsafe set.  Pre WWII radios were notorious for this.  It also carried over into post war television.  This is not limited to one or two makes.  If we find rubber wiring, we will estimate for resleeving, since it less per foot than rewiring.


  • Sets damaged in transit.  We have recieved sets that had been damaged before we got to see them.  In one case, the picture tube imploded in transit.  This is why we require insurance on any set being shipped coming or going.  If your set was damaged in transit, we will do everything we can to repair any pre-restoration shipping damage repaired and billed to the shipper.  Proper packaging is a must.  We will gladly advise you on packing your set for restoration.




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