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Restoration Request

IMPORTANT: If the set to be restored is an RCA model from model years 1946 to 1949 (621TS, 630TS, 630TCS, 721TS, 721TCS, 8TS30, 8T241, etc.) or a third-party version (Crosley models 307-TA, 9-408, Fada models TV30, 799, 899, 930, 940, etc.) of such models, please review the Special Packaging Considerations for these models.  Failure to pack models of this type as instructed may result in picture tube breakage or other severe damage to the set during shipment.

Please tell us about yourself and about the device to be restored.

Your First Name, ZIP code and email address are required on this form. 

Before the device is sent to us for restoration, we will need your full address and telephone number. 

Make, Model, Vintage and Condition are very helpful.  Please DO NOT plug in any untested device, since doing so without the proper diagnostic equipment may result in severe damage to the device, making restoration more difficult and more costly.  Electrical shock and/or fire hazard may also result from improper testing.

The size of the device will help determine the best shipping method.  Small and medium items may usually be shipped via UPS, while Console and Large Console items must be shipped via Motor Freight.  Customers may also personally bring sets to my location in Warren, Ohio and/or pick up completed items in person.  If personal drop-off or pick-up is desired, an appointment may be arranged at least 7 days in advance.  I will provide round-trip point-to-point driving directions from your specified Starting Address using Microsoft Streets & Trips upon request at $5 additional cost. I will provide round-trip point-to-point driving directions plus directions to local lodging (Best Western in Warren, Days Inn or Holiday Inn Express in Niles) from your specified Starting Address using Microsoft Streets & Trips upon request at $10 additional cost.

Your goal for restoring the item will also be helpful.  Some customers have been willing to invest over $1,000 in full restoration of certain items, while others have requested that normal operation is to be restored at minimal cost. 

An upfront Deposit is due upon our receipt of your set for Restoration.  Please note that submitting this form only notifies us that you MAY schedule a Restoration at some time, but does NOT constitute an obligation to pay any Deposit at the time of form submission.

Deposits, when due, are applicable as Credit toward the final Restoration charges if our Estimate is approved and the subsequent Restoration Workorder authorized.  In the event of a declined Estimate, the Deposit acts as a Technical Services Fee for evaluation and preparation of a Condition Report by our Technicians for your records.

Deposit Schedule
American Radio, Audio Component, Small Test Instrument, Etc. $35.00 US
Post-WW2 American B/W Television (see Notes below), Service-Grade Test Instrument, Etc. $50.00 US
Non-American Radio, Audio Component, Small Test Instrument, Etc. (see Notes below) $70.00 US
American Color Television, Advanced-Grade Test Instrument, Etc. $75.00 US
Non-American B/W Television or equivalent (see Notes below) $100.00 US
Pre-WW2 B/W Television, Laboratory-Grade Test Instrument, Etc. $125.00 US
Non-American Color Television (see Notes below) $150.00 US

NOTES: Due to special Time and Materials requirements for Restoration of certain items, special rates apply to foreign products and certain American models of ultra-compact design.  American models to which import rates apply include Philco televisions of the Philco era (1959 to 1962 Philco models utilizing the Predicta-type chassis' and/or picture tubes, whether in Predicta-style or in conventional cabinets) and the General Electric 80X-series chassis' (as used in their ultra-compact 1949 Bakelite "Locomotive" models and some GE compact-tabletop sets of the same vintage).  Notoriety of most foreign sets and of these ultra-compact American models for excessively-crowded chassis layouts, unconventional circuit designs, and substandard quality of original components are factors which contribute to the necessity of higher Deposit amounts for servicing these models.  The servicing of each of these "special category" sets requires approximately twice the resources (Time, Materials, and Service Bay utilization) as are required for servicing conventional sets, which tends to increase turnaround time for other work.

Reminder:  Deposit is not due until the set is actually being shipped / delivered to our facility.


Customer Information:

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City      State/Province     Zip/Postal Code  
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Restoration Project Information:

Type of Set  


Manufacturer   Manufacturer  
Model   Cabinet Size
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Service History   Test History  
Acquired From   When Acquired  
 Goal Timeframe  

Additional Notes

All requests will be evaluated based on current workload, device condition, customer's goals and anticipated difficulty of restoration.  At times of light workload, I can accept more difficult restorations, tighter timeframes, etc. than what I consider "typical" (medium-size 1950's B/W TV as-found, untested, excellent to good condition).  When a significant backlog exists, I tend to accept projects of only light to moderate difficulty to conserve space and maximize shop efficiency until I've cleared the backlog.


IMPORTANT:  Please adjust your Spam Filter settings to add "" to its Safe Senders list or your email provider's equivalent list of recognized domains to make certain that our reply to your request will be placed in your Inbox and avoid the possibility of its becoming "lost" in your Spam folder.



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