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On this page, we will show you the reasons we must estimate far more man hours on restoration of Philco Predicta, Miss America, Slender Seventeener, and Transitone TV sets.  This page does not cover the entire Philco line from the Predicta era, but we hope it will give you an idea why we need to estimate more time on restoration.

This is the underside of the Predicta "Princess" model.  As you can see, there is very little access to the underside of the board. Here is the same chassis with the board removed.  Now we can do the restoration.  There are many ground tabs that need to be unsoldered to accomplish this.  We also need to disconnect some wires.  When recapping and couplate rebuilding is complete, we can resolder the board to the chassis.

Note the 8YP4 test CRT in the background in the picture on the right.  The Predicta chassis seen here uses a picture tube that has two volt heaters.  I had to use a filament transformer to use this tube.

These are couplates that Philco loved to use.  We replace these because they do have a high failure rate.

New replacements are unavailable.  We need to fabricate new ones.  The horizontal AFC couplates are the most problematic.

This is an example of an equivalent circuit.  SAMS provides the factory circuit.  In one case, the SAMS was wrong.  This wreaked havoc after recapping.  The one pictured above is for the vertical sync integrator.


Space reserved for future pics.
Here is the "Princess" after restoration.   


Most Predicta era Philco sets used a picture tube with a 2 volt filament.  We had to rig an adapter to use a test tube.

These sets are near impossible to service or adjust in their cabinets.  We need to do the basic checks we do with any other sets with the chassis out of the cabinet.


Here is a floor model from the Predicta era.

It looks somewhat like a typical vertical chassis from the era...

Here's the underside.  There is no access to the bottom of the IF board and little under the sweep board.

The main board can be loosened for recapping, but it is very difficult to remove.  I was able to lift this board enough to recap.  This board could be removed if we disconnected all of the wiring.  This would add some serious time to a restoration.

The boards on all of these Philco sets are fragile.  The foil traces can come off just from the heat of a soldering gun.  In many cases, tube sockets will need replacement.  On this one, I did not need to replace tube sockets, but I did have a foil trace break and cause problems.  The set pictured above did use a 6 volt picture tube.


As you can see here, the undersides of the boards are totally inaccessible.  In this case, the boards had to be completely removed for restoration.  The couplates on these will need to be remade, just like the others on this page.

This page is intended to show you why we need to estimate more man hours for restoration on these Philco sets than on others.  The caps and other parts we use will bring these sets back to life just the same as with other sets.  Philco basically created more work for us. 

With an Amptech restoration, your Predicta era Philco can look like these:

If you have a Predicta era Philco in need of restoration, please fill out the Restoration Request form.