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This set is sold.  I'm featuring it here as an example of a Level 1 Restoration.

1951 Pathe model 12-2 television about to be restored.  Preparing for initial evaluation.
This set was powered up slowly using a Variac and has passed initial voltage and resistance checks, but waveform analysis indicated likely sync, sweep and video troubles.  With the CRT installed, these symptoms are evident.
Under the chassis, all electrolytic and paper capacitors are replaced with new ones regardless of the condition of the original components.  Additionally, all out-of-tolerance resistors and all weak tubes are replaced.
Here's the result.  This 1951 television is working beautifully.
Here's one of the set in the display room.  Like with the Crosley set, it's turned off to keep attention focused on the cabinet.
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Last modified: 05/20/18