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Vintage electronics, especially television sets, require special care to be assured of safe transport.  We prefer that clients schedule an appointment to personally bring the set to our shop and/or arrange to personally pick up the Restored set upon completion of the Restoration.  We also offer Delivery and Setup (limited Delivery area) as a Value-Added option at additional charge, available to clients from parts of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, or Kentucky.

When sets must be shipped, proper packaging is of vital importance.  Certain models of TV sets must be partially disassembled and shipped in two separate cartons (RCA models 630TS, 621TS, 721TS, 8-T-24X, 9-T-24X, and similar sets are examples of models requiring special handling).

Here are the pre-shipment Disassembly Instructions for RCA model 630TS and models of similar construction.  If you are unfamiliar with Vintage TV disassembly and packing, DO NOT attempt disassembly of a Vintage TV set without contacting a qualified technician for assistance.  Text and graphics include some of our own writing and photography, along with images and text paraphrased from the RCA manual, with some additional information and graphics from other collectors' Web sites.  We offer these instructions free of charge for educational purposes.   

Please view the photos of a properly-packaged RCA model 8TS30, from which the picture tube has been removed for shipment in a separate shipping carton.  Double-wall corrugated cartons, custom-built wooden crates, or crates shipped within corrugated cartons are suggested packaging methods.  Custom-cut heavy-duty foam sheets or upholstery-grade cushion material, and bubble-wrap are suggested for internal support.  Styrofoam "peanuts" are NOT recommended, since spillage into the set can damage delicate parts (speakers are especially vulnerable) and there will be a $25 Cleanup Fee assessed for their use in addition to any repair costs arising from stray foam pieces damaging wiring, speaker cones, etc. inside the set. 

Shipping Insurance is MANDATORY on all pre-Restoration (inbound) and post-Restoration (outbound) shipments of sets.

Double-Wall Box, Bubble Wrap, and Sheet Foam Supports

Custom-Cut Top (and Bottom) Support of Upholstery-Grade Foam

Installation of Top Support

Shipping Carton Ready for Sealing

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Last modified: 05/20/18