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Some of my favorite Vintage Electronics sites:

Amptech Systems is one of several professional restoration shops.  If you would like to learn to restore vintage electronics yourself, please visit the discussion forum, ask questions, get the correct tools, and practice. 

These sites are owned by some of my close friends, some are also clients and vendors with whom I frequently do business, and there are a few Vintage Electronics Museums.  If I've forgotten to include your site, please Email Me so I can add it to this page.

Friends' Sites

TOAC (The Old Appliance Club) -- Still using a 1930's GE "Monitor" refrigerator or wringer-type washer daily along with the RCA 630TS television or vintage tube radio?  Someone at TOAC will certainly be able to help find vendors for parts or maintenance on those items.  From all of us here at TUBETVSHOP.COM, a very special "Thank You!" to the staff of ANTIQUESTOVES.COM Discussion Forum -- Tim, Rob, Grumpy, Steve and many others discuss vintage tv, radio, hi-fi, music and more.

Early Television Foundation Museum -- Steve McVoy's fantastic television museum located in central Ohio.  Host of the annual ETF Convention.

Big Dave's Vintage TV Site -- Big Dave's personal Vintage TV site

Elmore Mantiques -- Ernie Scarano's store located in Elmore, Ohio (Toledo area)

Sunshine Radio Museum -- Ray Seppeler's excellent Radio & TV museum in Sodus, NY

TV History Site -- Tom's television history site.

The Radiola Guy -- Yet another friend with an impressive site about vintage electronics.

Vintage TV Sets -- Some more vintage tv sets.

Vendors' Sites

Many of these vendors sell parts for vintage radio and tv sets, however, restoration should be attempted only by individuals with considerable experience.  Advanced hobbyists, ham radio operators and professional restorers are acquainted with restoration and troubleshooting procedures and understand the safety hazards that lurk inside these antiques.  The rule here is "When in doubt, send it out."  Proceed with do-it-yourself restorations only if you know what you're doing and have worked with this type of equipment before.  If not, please consult a professional for a quality restoration.  Tubes, parts and other items are available from these vendors.

Antique Electronic Supply -- Tubes and related parts -- Tubes (soon to include Picture Tube Rebuilding*)

*The CRT Rebuilding Project Committee  has designated Bob Dobush of FindATube as point of contact for the CRT Rebuilding facilities currently
preparing to open in Hilliard, Ohio using equipment donated by and training provided by Scotty from the former Hawk-Eye Picture Tube facility.

JustRadios -- Capacitor Kits

Renovated Radios -- Motorola VT-71 CRT Gasket Reproductions and other specialized parts

Vintage Replications -- Radio & TV Knob Replicas

Digi-Key Corporation -- Miscellaneous circuit components

Musicians, Bands, & Record Label Sites

This section features some of my favorite (currently active producing & recording new material and touring) musicians and bands

Heaven and Earth -- A classic sound reminiscent of Deep Purple and Rainbow, and a brand new album for 2013 titled Dig
(available on iTunes, mp3, CD, and 180-gram audiophile-grade Double LP)
Love Turns Hate -- Some personal friends I've known since the 80's as members of past local bands from the Warren-Youngstown area. Currently recording and touring in support of their self-titled debut album. Also watch for lead singer Jimmi Miggliozzi touring as "Elvis McCoy" with The Huckin' Fillbillys and performing Current & Classic Rock, Working-Class Redneck Style. Their indoor nightclub shows feature great music with lots of "mature audiences" humor. Daytime and outdoor shows feature the same great music with language and humor tamed to a PG-13 rating.
ETHR -- Former members of the local band White Noise and Atco recording artist Noisy Mama, Paul Skowron and Jimi Gumina. Two EP's on CD featuring new ETHR music and one White Noise classic available for the first time on CD.
  Leanne Binder -- Another favorite local musician from the suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio. Several albums of excellent original music, and the best tribute recordings of classic Janis Joplin songs I've ever heard.
 Quarto Valley Records -- Bruce Quarto provides the perfect record label to be the home of Heaven and Earth.
Retrospect Records -- Retrospect Records began in 2003 and, as of November 2008, has released over 300 albums - many on CD for the first time ever, establishing themselves as the largest Hard Rock and Metal re-issue label on the planet. Retrospect Records has been responsible for re-issues on CD of several self-produced cassette albums by some of my favorite local and unsigned bands years after wearing out the original cassette editions I bought at their shows. For example, Foxx and Defcon from the Akron / Kent nightclub scene of the 1980's. 

Literature Requests

Service Literature may be ordered from:

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Political and Religious Sites

Supporting the American economy means buying American products.  This site helps American consumers to locate American-made products and support American businesses ...

Small, locally-owned broadcasting companies are becoming few and far between.  Here are some locally-owned television and radio broadcasters from my area ...

I have observed that there is not a plugged nickel's difference between Republicans and Democrats with regard to their "screw the little guy" attitude toward small business.  I vote third party candidates wherever possible and I support and endorse ...



Private property rights are of vital importance to Americans.  These Arizona ranchers are defending themselves against drug smugglers and armed, uniformed Mexican military troops (while the Border Patrol sides with the Mexican "Reconquista" troops) ...

As a proud American, I oppose any and all restrictions upon free thought in the name of Political Correctness.  My personal opinion is that large-scale corporate control of mass media represents a concentration of too much power in too few hands ... 

I believe that our First Amendment guarantees absolute free speech, however, I believe in rewarding those who produce clean, wholesome, family-friendly content.  I believe it is possible to promote decency without restricting free speech.  The Dove Foundation  and Feature Films for Families have earned my support by recognizing the power of the individual in encouraging clean entertainment and favoring the use of "the carrot" rather than "the stick" as a motivation to bring more family-friendly programming to the market.