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Transforming Vintage Electronics froWorn to Working Since 2002

Welcome to the AMPTECH SYSTEMS web site and our TUBETVSHOP.COM portal.  We're always growing and evolving while remaining a family-owned business.

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There simply aren't words I can find today to express the sense of loss here at Amptech Systems as we mourn the untimely passing away of Dave May, our Field Service Technician since 2009 who was also a great friend and colleague since our Apprentice days back at Murphy's TV, or 'Woodland' as it was affectionately known (the street where the shop was located) among technical team members. I'll have to take some time off just to process this. RIP, Dave, 1970-2018.


COMING SOON: I'm currently REDESIGNING this site while I continue recuperating from the thumb injury mentioned below. Deployment of a new MOBILE-FRIENDLY design will be completed during Spring / Summer 2018.*

*(our hosting provider has 'pulled the plug' on supporting our "outdated" publishing software. Their "new" & "mobile-friendly" platform no longer supports desktop editing, all changes must "go live" immediately or be discarded. Navigation options remind me of early versions of this site circa 1998 on the old AOL platform before the domain was launched in 2002. Reminds me of the Truth about the History of Chairman Mao's "Great Leap Forward" in the 1950's so far, a 20-year (at least) regression. This is Wordpress, and Open Element is even worse (blank pages, error tables, and error fixes for ransom) with only parts of its instructions in English and the other tabs in French)

(the WordPress version has such a nice, nostalgic 1998 AOL-esque appearance)

NOTICE: I'm currently recuperating from a sprained right thumb. I'll be taking some time off from bench work, about 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully, Spring of 2018 will mark my return to full work capability.

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