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Here are some photos of the Fada TV30.  The restoration is in progress and I expect to have it fully assembled later this week as my schedule allows.  The testing of the set showed a need for replacement of all paper capacitors and several out-of-tolerance carbon resistors also needed to be replaced.  These photos are of the chassis during restoration.  Operation of the chassis outside the cabinet was with the help of a 5AXP4 picture tube which was specifically designed for bench testing of television chassis.

Fada TV30 chassis during the recapping process.

Off-Air Picture from 5AXP4 test CRT

A failing 1M resistor caused poor HV regulation

A new Video IF Amplifier tube improved the video

Almost ready for final assembly

Final adjustments almost completed.


New and better tools due to arrive this week.

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Last modified: 05/20/18