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Most of the sets pictured on this page are Customer projects which we have completed, posted here as examples of the makes, models, and vintages of sets which we have serviced.

NOTE: Flash photography, required to properly illuminate the cabinet finish, typically diminishes brightness and contrast of onscreen image.  Image quality is much better than photos typically indicate.

1949 Zenith Porthole Console TV 1950 Zenith Porthole Tabletop TV
1952 Dumont RA-113 TV/FM Console (For Sale $599) 1961 Philco 10L31 Console TV, Predicta-series Chassis (For Sale $499)
1948 & 1949 Admiral Consoles 1949 Philco 49-1076 TV/Radio/Phono
1953 Zenith Console TV (For Sale, $529) Philco Predicta TV
1947 Stromberg-Carlson TV-12M Console AM/FM/SW/TV/Phono Combination 1947 Stromberg-Carlson TV-12 TV/FM Tabletop
1963 Heathkit Stereo & Cabinet (For Sale $849) 1961 Magnavox 1ST208F Stereo Console
1962 Grundig TK-46 All-Tube Stereo Open-Reel   (In Progress, Awaiting Parts) 1967 Sony TC-500A All-Tube Stereo Open Reel
1938 Knight B-12140 15-Tube 40-Watt P.A. Amp 1951 Silvertone Model 111 TV
1955 Philco 22C4118 1951 Sylvania "HaloLight" TV model 23M
1948 Motorola VT71 1946 RCA 621TS (IN PROGRESS)
1958 Zenith A600 "Trans-Oceanic" Radio 1936 Airline (Wards) "Movie Dial" 6-volt "farm set" Radio
1964 Zenith 25LC30 Color 1962 Dumont C-100 Color
1950 Dumont RA-108 19" B/W 1965 Zenith 24MC32 Color
Fada 930 With Shipping Damage (An Extreme Case -- Before) Fada 930 With Shipping Damage (An Extreme Case -- After)

1949 Crosley model 9-408 TV (sold 09/03/02 $600)

1949 GE model 800C TV (sold 05/19/02 $250)

1951 Pathe model 12-2 TV (sold 01/03/02 $249)

1966 Zenith model 24MC32 color TV (sold 07/19/02 $250)

1947 RCA model 721TS TV (sold 07/04/02 $1,002)

1965 Sylvania model 21LC28 color TV

1964 Sherwood S-8000 FM-Stereo Receiver

1937 RCA 87K Radio

1945 Fada Model 1000 Radio

1937 Zenith 10-S-153 Radio

Sherwood S1000 FM Tuner circa 1962

Sherwood S3000 Amplifier circa 1962

Sansui AU70 Stereo Amplifier circa 1963

GTE Sylvania Entertainment Center circa 1975

Heathkit IP32 Power Supply circa 1964

Tektronix 475 Oscilloscope circa 1976

1961 RCA CTC11E TV

1948 RCA 8T241 TV

1948 Fada TV30

1947 Fada 799

Philco 1967 and 1965 9" transistor "home and car" B/W portable televisions models Q1054BK (left) and N1052BK (right).  Restored for a client for display with client's Ford Mustang 1966 vintage automobile. 

Sets featured transistorized modular chassis designs (all transistor except CRT and 3 High Voltage Rectifier/Multiplier tubes) operated on 120VAC home or  12VDC car power, and included an AC charging circuit for an optional 12V rechargeable battery pack.  These sets were offered for sale by Ford auto dealerships as accessories and are popular among Mustang and Thunderbird collectors. 

Philco Q1054BK (1967) and N1052BK (1965) AC/Auto/Battery home/car/portable 9" B/W TV sets

NOTE: To reduce glare in "live" photographs, brightness settings are reduced below normal viewing level. 

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