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Cabinetry servicing is available from Amptech Systems.  Our Cabinetry Specialist, Todd Keep, has many years' experience with Vintage Radio / TV cabinet Refinishing (when needed) or can expertly blend Spot Repairs into an original finish which may be in otherwise good condition.  Here are some examples of Todd's work.  Whether restoring of rough finishes to showroom-quality Class 1 Rub perfection or repairing minor blemishes, Todd uses materials and processes comparable to the original finishing techniques used by set manufacturers.  Todd also has a select supply of authentic Vintage replacement veneers salvaged from other furniture of similar vintage from which to fabricate replacements for missing veneer pieces (limited quantities). 



Fada TV-30 Cabinet Top

Fada TV-30 After Restoration

Zenith 25LC30 As-Found

Zenith 25LC30 After Restoration

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Last modified: 05/20/18