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Restoration of antique and vintage TV sets (black and white, and color), radios, record changers, and tube audio gear.


Restoration of tube car radios.  We are equipped for six or twelve volt systems, positive or negative ground.


Restoration of antique and vintage test equipment.


Electrolytic capacitor restuffing service.


We service all makes of American* sets, including RCA, GE, Philco and Zenith, and short lived makes like Arvin, FADA Andrea, Stewart-Warner, and others.

*Certain makes and models can be far more difficult to service.  We must estimate more man hours in some cases than in others.  For more information, please CLICK HERE.


We will service some makes of foreign sets.

Due to a negative experience we had servicing a foreign color set (we got it working), we need to estimate more man hours compared to those for American sets.  Please call or Email for further information.



  • Hundreds of parts and tubes in-stock

  • Thousands of parts and tubes available

  • Rebuilding (via outside source) available for many Phono Chassis Assemblies (

  • Laboratory-grade vintage instrumentation

  • Reasonable cost

  • No above-chassis modifications

  • We add additional fusing to the set for your protection as part of the restoration.

  • We make all "hot chassis" sets safe to touch.

  • Customer's choice of functional repair or full restoration 

  • Reproductions available for some hard-to-find parts.

  • Custom fabrication for some parts available.

  • One Year Warranty on Labor is included upon completion of Full Restoration

  • 90-Day Labor Warranty on any Standard Restoration and post-Restoration Maintenance work.

  • Low-cost "Retail Grade" Restoration work carries a 30-Day warranty on Labor.


It doesn't matter if we restore a cheap All-American Five radio or a top of the line color TV combo.  We stand behind our work.  If we restore something for you and there is a problem, WE WILL MAKE GOOD.

Warranty covers Labor performed as part of a Restoration.  Parts actually replaced during the restoration process may also include a warranty, such warrantees are dependent upon and administered by the manufacturers of those components.  Generally, only NEW vacuum tubes by current-production tube manufacturers will feature factory warranties.

An email must be received prior to the Warranty Expiration Date printed on the Service Invoice to initiate a Warranty claim.  Removal of the set's back cover, unless specifically instructed to do so, will void the Warranty.  Specific instructions will be given for any situation requiring removal of a tube, fuse, or other access to the inside of the set to resolve a technical issue.  Please provide a detailed description of any observed malfunction.

Shipping damage claims shall be handled by the shipping service provider.  Shipping insurance is MANDATORY on all completed restorations which are to be shipped upon completion.  Shipping damage is NOT a Warranty issue and shipping providers WILL be billed for the consultation services of Amptech Systems at Tutorial rate for any research we are called upon to perform as part of damage claim resolution.     

Technical Support

As part of the Labor Warranty on completed Restorations, Technical Support on the restored set is provided free of charge.  Email for details.  Out-of-warranty technical support is billed at Tutorial rate.


Your antique and vintage electronics will be repaired or restored by an expert technician using quality materials and more than 30 years' experience with vintage electronics including design, construction, troubleshooting and repair.


If you wish to request our services, please fill out the Restoration Request form.

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Last modified: 05/20/18