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This set, a Fada model 930, arrived for restoration with EXTREME shipping damage due to having been dropped by the freight carrier.  Although packed very well in a wooden crate with heavy custom-cut foam inner padding, the set was dropped so violently as to have done obvious damage to the crate itself. The large pile of broken glass visible inside the set was all that remained of the set's picture tube.  On impact, the tube imploded, hurling large chunks of glass around inside the cabinet with such great force that one of the transformers in the Sound IF circuit was crushed and individual windings of the Deflection Yoke had been severely displaced. We compiled two Estimates on this set. The first, just to reverse the shipping damage, was submitted to the freight carrier. Since the set was shipped with adequate insurance and the damage to the crate indicated that the shipper was clearly at fault in the mishap, an insurance payment sufficient to cover the cost of repairing the damage was collected by the client who sent the set. We then compiled a second Estimate, for the actual Restoration work which was originally requested before the shipping damage occurred.  The client then sent the insurance payment and approval of both Estimates, and work commenced on this set.

After the client sent approval, we obtained replacements for all of the damaged parts, performed a Recapping, upgraded Overload Protection, performed a full RF/IF Alignment, and even had a new custom replica back cover made from Masonite, cut to the exact specifications of the set's badly-damaged original back.  Some structural repairs to the cabinet itself were also required, since one of the corner joints had been broken when the set was dropped. 


Test Equipment Used During This Restoration

Analog VOM -- Simpson #260 HV Meter -- Lectrotech
DMM -- Micronta #22-195 Ammeter -- Amprobe
VTVM -- RCA #WV-77E Tube Tester -- B&K Precision #707
CRT Tester -- B&K #465 Sweep/Marker Generator -- Precision #E400
Capacitance Bridge -- Sprague #TO-4 Oscilloscope -- Tektronix #547




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