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Vintage TV Accessories

NOTE:  Accessories like the ones listed below were once sold in retail stores and readily available in virtually every town across America, but most stores no longer carry these items in stock and many store clerks are too young to remember what they are.  If you've ever gotten that "You're looking for WHAT?" look from some teenage store clerk, you'll love that I'm offering a line of accessories that can be ordered from one convenient Web-based source.  A $20 minimum order is required.

Antenna adaptors for connecting Dumont sets such as RA-103, RA-104, RA-109, etc. with "RCA jack" antenna inputs to 75-ohm standard coaxial "F" fittings have just arrived, brand new in factory-sealed packages.  Part is available now, priced at $3.99 each plus shipping email me to order.   Photo coming soon.

Antenna adaptor kit for connecting Dumont sets to 300-ohm "twin lead" antenna systems.  Kit includes coaxial-input adaptor above to fit the Dumont set's "RCA jack" input, plus matching transformer with push-on 75-ohm input connection and screw-terminal 300-ohm input.  Coming soon, brand new in factory-sealed packages.  Kit will be priced at $5.99 each plus shipping email me to order.   Photo coming soon.

Antenna adaptors for connecting vintage sets' 300-ohm screw-terminal input to 75-ohm standard coaxial "F" fittings are in stock, brand new.  Priced at $1.99 each plus shipping email me to order.   Photo coming soon.

Vintage-look "rabbit ears" antennas are now in stock, brand new in factory-sealed packages.  Twin 39" telescopic antennas, plastic "rounded-top" bases with light-gauge 75-ohm lead-in wire and coaxial connector.  These items differed somewhat from my vendor's catalog photo and have a UHF loop at the rear.  They still are nice accessories for displaying with your restored RCA 630TS, 8-T-241, GE 16T1 or other tabletop and console vintage sets, even though UHF technology is of early 1950's vintage rather than 1940's.  Priced at $6.99 each plus shipping email me to order.  

NOTE:  Requires antenna adaptor described above.

Due to the coming Federal "HDTV Compatibility Rules" the distributor where I purchase these accessories has discontinued the 300-ohm model without the UHF loop which was previously available.

Vintage-look "rabbit ears" antennas as above, but complete kit for use with Dumont sets.  Coming soon, brand new in factory-sealed packages.  Kits will include one each of "rabbit ears" antennas described above plus matching transformer and "RCA jack" adaptor.  Kits will be priced at $11.99 each plus shipping email me to order.   Photo coming soon.

SC10B Custom-designed storage carton with inner supports for 10" round B/W picture tubes (10BP4, etc.)  Cartons are computer-designed and individually hand-made from 1/8" corrugated stock and feature an inner support structure to keep the tube centered and its neck protected.  These are an approximation of the manner in which the original shipping cartons for these tubes were made.  Foam faceplate cushion included (not shown in photos).  Carton price is for onsite pickup.  Shipping available at additional cost.  We have witnessed the accidental dropping of this carton by a shipping company's package handler onto a concrete surface from a height of approximately 48" after which the tube it contained was confirmed to be undamaged.  When shipping, we recommend use of the SC10B in a double-boxed configuration inside a 16"x16"x28" box lined with 1-1/2" thick foam sheet material.

Price $29.99



Email for ordering details and to specify tube to be stored/shipped Click Here to Order

Parts Reproductions

Amptech Systems proudly introduces our line of reproduction sheet metal parts for vintage televisions.  Quality construction and attention to detail are standard practices.  We have a continuously-expanding line of parts such as back covers and high voltage cages.  Here is our current line.

Regular Production -- Items in this section are Regular Production parts, of which we keep some inventory in stock at all times and order in batches of significant quantity.  Pricing reflects their Regular Stock status.
FP71985R Rubber protective "feet" as used on underside of many tabletop television sets' cabinets.  White in color, but otherwise identical to OEM part number 71985 as used on RCA 630TS, 8TS30 (also fits Fada TV-30, 799, 899, Crosley 307TA, 9-408, many other makes/models using a 7/8" diameter 7/16" high solid rubber "foot" mounted via washer and #6 wood screw.  Set of 4 pieces.  Note:  Original was black rubber, reproductions are white rubber.

Price $9.99 (set of 4)

Email to Order


BC630R Reproduction back cover fits RCA models 630TS, 8TS30, Crosley models 307TA, 9-408 and other similar makes and models based on the 30-tube RCA KCS-20 and RCA-licensed third-party versions.  Replaces OEM part number 71860.   

Price $74.99


Email to Order
BC721R Reproduction back cover fits RCA model 721TS.  Replaces OEM part number 72786.

Price $74.99


Email to Order
BC621R Reproduction back cover fits RCA model 621TS.  Replaces OEM part number 72427.

Price $74.99


Email to Order
BC730R Reproduction back cover fits Fada models TV-30, 799, 899, and similar (10 inch CRT) models based on the 30-tube RCA "KCS-20" receiver chassis design.  Mounting hole positions differ on Fada models from those models which the BC630R fits, and the BC730R addresses the compatibility issue which that difference had caused.  Not for 12" Fada models such as 930.

Price $74.99


 Email to Order


Custom Shop -- Items listed here are not Regular Production and are produced in smaller quantities.  Pricing for these Custom Shop parts will be higher than the prices of Regular Production items.
BC487R Reproduction back cover fits Philco model 48-700. 

Price $129.99



Email to Order


BC241R Reproduction back cover fits RCA model 8T241 and many of its variants.  Note:  Original was masonite, reproduction is metal. 

Price $99.99


Email to Order


HV241R Reproduction high-voltage cage cover fits RCA models using the 24-tube KCS-28 series chassis, including 8T241, 8T243, 9T246, etc. 

Price $109.99


Email to Order


HV630R Reproduction high-voltage cage cover fits RCA models 630TS, 8TS30, Crosley models 307TA, 9-408 and other similar makes and models based on the 30-tube RCA KCS-20 chassis. 

Price $129.99


Email to Order


HV621R Reproduction high-voltage cage cover fits RCA model 621TS, chassis KCS-21.  (similar to HV721R, but without inside corner fillets)

Price $109.99

Order via Email


HV721R Reproduction high-voltage cage cover fits RCA models 721TS, 721TCS, 730TV1, 730TV2 and other similar makes and models based on the 21-tube RCA KCS-26 chassis design.  (similar to HV621R, but with inside corner fillets)

Price $109.99

Order via Email


BC105R Reproduction back cover for Motorola VT-105. 

Price $179.99

Order via Email


SPZ24R Reproduction Bottom (Service-Access) Panel for Zenith 24-tube 1960's Color TV chassis (24MC32, 24MC36, etc.) 

Price $139.99


Order via Email


SPZ25R Reproduction Bottom (Service-Access) Panel for Zenith 25-tube, 26-tube, and 27-tube 1960's Color TV chassis (27KC20, 26KC20, 25LC30, 25MC33, 25NC31, etc.) 

Price $139.99

Order via Email



The first product in what we hope will become a vintage television media library.  I have approached the  copyright owner of a true icon of the vintage television era regarding the purchase of a limited license to use his artwork for video transcoding to DVD in consideration of a licensing fee and royalties.  Perhaps at some later time, we can work together on this.  Until then, my camera and CAD software have been pressed into service (with many thanks to my friend, Jamie Ralston, for the suggestion and to Angel, the family dog, for the photo-op).

The Amptech Systems "Angel Head Test Pattern" DVD.  Features two CAD-drawn "test cards" transcoded to a video slide show accompanied by continuous audio tones and two free bonus images of public-domain patterns freely available on the internet.  Each video image / audio tone is 60 minutes in duration.  Great for adjusting picture size and linearity during restorations or for displaying on restored vintage sets.  Vertical wedge regions provide an approximate measure of video bandwidth and horizontal resolution.  Horizontal wedges check for proper focus and interlace.  Four-step "bull's eye" pattern for qualitative assessment of gray scale resolution.  Outer circle assists with making correct size and linearity adjustments on rounded-mask sets.  Triple block pattern tests for video phase distortion.  The first of our test images features the family dog as a tribute to another famous canine known to vintage electronics collectors.  The second image is the same pattern before the photo of our "mascot" was added.  The DVD label is paperless, laser-printed directly into the disc surface.

Price: $24.99




Request a Part via Email (requires original part or dimensioned drawing)

Mechanical Parts

We have established a working relationship with a Machine Shop specializing in "miniature" parts.  Among parts which can be Repaired are Tuning Shaft and Detent assemblies for RCA models 621TS, 630TS, 630TCS, 641TV, 721TS, 721TCS, 730TV1, 730TV2, and 8TS30 (RCA part numbers 71463 and 72743 for RCA KCS-20 and KCS-26 chassis respectively).  We had hoped to market actual Reproductions of these, however, we have been notified by the Machinists that prohibitive costs would be involved in reproducing the complex three-dimensional contours required for the Detent Plate part of these assemblies.  Since failures of these assemblies rarely involve a need for replacement of the Detent Plate assembly itself, however, (typical failures involve Shaft or Spring breakage, parts which can indeed be fabricated and installed for reasonable cost), we will soon offer Repair Service for broken RCA Tuning Shaft assemblies 71463 and 72743 via a Machine Shop in our local area.  Many other Control Shafts may also be candidates for Repairs or Reproductions.  Email us for more information.

NOW AVAILABLE:  Repair / Rebuilding Service for 1946-1949 RCA Tuner Shaft / Detent Assemblies (original RCA part numbers 71463 and 72743, as pictured above)

Do you have an RCA "Channel 1" set (621TS, 630TS, 630TCS, 641TV, 721TS, 721TCS, 730TV1, 730TV2, 8TS30) or "630-Clone" set (branded Air King, Crosley, Fada, etc. and obviously containing a chassis based on the design of the 630TS or 721TS) whose Channel Selector no longer "clicks into place" on each channel as the selector is rotated?  Is the nonmetallic inner shaft broken inside so your otherwise-working TV has to remain perpetually pre-set to Channel 3 or Channel 4 internally?  Have you grown tired of fiddling with the knob to "Find the Sweet Spot" where all six wafer switches inside make optimum contact?  In many cases, a damaged Tuner / Detent mechanism has proven to be "that one last imperfection" needing to be corrected in sets for our own Collections.  Now, after years of research, unsuccessful attempts to seek out any NOS replacements that might have been available, etc., we have found the solution to the problem!

RCA Tuner Shaft / Detent Repair (part number 71463 or 72743) starting at $79.95* plus Shipping

Request RCA Tuner Shaft / Detent Information via Email

 * Quoted starting price is for repair of Detent portion of otherwise intact assembly.  Straightening of bent parts, replacement of broken shaft(s), or correction of multiple problems may involve additional cost.  Inquire via link above for more information.  Repairs performed under subcontract by a Machine Shop specializing in miniature mechanisms (up to and including 1/4-scale V8 engines).  Materials and workmanship are of such quality as to fully justify the cost. 


Request a Machined Part via Email

Research & Development

We are currently developing a product which will permit true portable use of "Three-Way Portable" tube radios while requiring no modification of the radios themselves.  Due to different battery voltages and configurations, these units will need to be custom-built for radio models having a particular original battery complement and will not be interchangeable with any radio model which uses types and quantities of batteries different from those for which the unit was custom-built.  For example, a power pack designed to power a radio using two 4.5V "A" batteries and two 67.5V "B" batteries would not work with a model using three 3V "A" batteries and two 90V "B" batteries since one or more characteristics (voltages, battery plug types, physical size) would differ between the two models.  Pricing is to be determined after market research.  The design of the power pack will be such that the DC-to-DC module and the pack of "AA" cells which power the module and the tube filaments would fit neatly into the battery compartment provided within the case of the radio for which it was made.  Our goal is to develop the product so that a custom version for any Three-Way Portable device using "Dry-Cell" batteries and having "A" supply demands of 1.5V to 9V and "B" supply voltages from 45V to 150V can be easily constructed.

Send an email with comments/suggestions regarding this product idea.  Please include as much information as possible (battery-complement information, voltages, Eveready type numbers, quantities used, and/or make and model number if you have a specific set in mind for a custom-fitted power pack.

Vector Three™ Replacement Ballast Tubes

We have completed development of our new Vector Three™ series replacements for hard-to-find Ballast Tubes used in certain Vintage TV models and application of similar technology to certain Antique Radio models which used Ballast Tubes or special power cords. (acquisition is in progress for applicable patents and trademarks related to the Vector Three™ products, which refers to a specific combination of improvements to existing technologies currently in non-commercial use).  Our new Vector Three™ series Ballast Tube replacements develop 90% less heat than the single-use glass Ballast Tube replacements available on the Surplus market for Motorola part number 17A485459 and we also have a direct plug-in replacement for part number 7A470303 for which no current availability of Surplus replacements exists to the best of our knowledge; and our product is technician-repairable in case of future failure, unlike the sealed glass Amperite replacement for the 17A485459.  Pricing remains "To Be Determined" although at least one client has already remarked that one repairable Ballast Tube could easily be worth the equivalent of as many as three or four non-repairable types whose future availability remains uncertain due to that availability being as Surplus / New Old Stock items.  We will, however, do our best to achieve the ability to price our final product as competitively with the "disposable" type Surplus replacement part as possible.  The Vector Three™ series are designed to operate simultaneously as a replacement Ballast Tube and as a tamper-resistant protective device for vital components of the Restored set in which it is intended to be used, and to provide visual indication of a Fault condition inside the set via a Fault Warning indicator light inside the Vector Three™ unit.  

Literature Requests

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